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STEP 3: Select the space(s) you wish to reserve

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The map on the left will enlarge when you roll your mouse over it.

Select the Premium tab if you wish to make a Premium reservation.

Spaces that are colored gray below are unavailable.

The black dots near some spaces on the map indicate light poles that do not take up any of your square footage.

A Monthly reservation is to book a space(s) within any or all of the next 3 event dates.

A Premium reservation is to book a space(s) for the next 6 or more consecutive event dates.

Premium: $40.00 Monthly: $45.00 Day of event: $55.00

Please note the spaces in Row S are 20' by 16'.

The rest of the spaces of Row 10 are not featured on the map to the left, but these spaces can be found directly across from the restrooms and snack bar located under the stadium. Please note these spaces are 20' by 16'.

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