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Event Policies

Return Policy

Absolutely no returns.

Refund Policy

Absolutely no refunds.

Exchange Policy

Absolutely no exchanges.

Cancellation Policy

Absolutely no cancellations.

Conduct Agreement

You must comply with all instructions of 'Topping' event staff and security at all times. If you disagree or have a question about any instructions given to you by our staff, feel free to contact the event management, either during the event at the management's convenience or anytime during the week at our office.

You must obey all posted signs and directions at all times. This does include all posted speed limit signs. Riding of any motorized vehicle in the vendor area is strictly prohibited.

Loud yelling, threats, and/or extreme profanity will not be permitted toward anyone at any time. If a dispute arises with another participant or 'Topping' staff, please contact event management immediately so that we may resolve it in a polite and courteous manner.

Absolutely no weapons are permitted within the show. This does include all knives and guns and applies to both conspicuous as well as concealed weapons. The decision as to what constitutes a weapon is at the sole discretion of event management.

No person or group is permitted to act in such a way that is intended to intimidate, harass, threaten, or cause fear to any other participant of the show. Any actions deemed by event management to do so may result in removal from the event.

Absolutely no pets, open flame, Bar-B-Q's, or illegal substances are allowed within the show. Topping, Inc. does not permit the sales of counterfeit merchandise. Individuals suspected of selling counterfeit merchandise will be asked to leave without refund. Event management cooperates with law enforcement and copyright owners in the investigation of sales of counterfeit merchandise.

Physical violence or threats of physical violence will not be permitted by anyone at any time for any reason. Any such act or threat will result in the immediate removal from the event without refund as well as permanent exclusion in any capacity from all Topping, Inc. shows and events. There will be no warnings or grace period regarding violent acts or threats.

This conduct agreement applies to any person, business, group, or club wishing to participate in any 'Topping' event. Any business, group, or club will be responsible for the actions of any of its members and may be denied participation by 'Topping' in whole due to non-compliance by any of its members.

'Topping' reserves the right to refuse service.

Topping Events is committed to providing safe and fun swap meets, shows and events. We have a duty and right to maintain control of our event for the safety and enjoyment of all of our customers and compliance with the above rules of conduct are necessary by all participants for that reason. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this agreement feel free to contact us in our offices at (800) 762-9785.

Enjoy the Show!